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How you felt: Simon Carley at DFTB19


Simon Carley is a consultant in Emergency Medicine working in adult and paediatric emergency and trauma centres in one of the busiest hospitals in Manchester, England.  He is also the founder of the excellent St Emlyn’s website.

You are working in the Emergency Department and the standby phone rings… Does your heart start to race, your mouth get a little dry in anticipation of what might come through the door? Professor Carley takes us on a journey in reviewing the process of desensitization in medical training and challenges us to take control of our emotions, our team, and the environment when things don’t go as expected. When plans A, B and C don’t work, what can we do next? 

He also reminds us that what is a potentially awesome day for us is most definitely not a great day for our patients. You can read his take on the Great Day paradox over at St Emlyn’s.



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This talk was recorded live at DFTB19 in London, England. With the theme of  “The Journey” we wanted to consider the journeys our patients and their families go on, both metaphorical and literal. DFTB20 will be held in Brisbane, Australia.

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