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Don’t Forget The Brain Busters


In what is proving to be a tough time for many of us, we thought we’d inject some fun. After all, nothing beats having a laugh with your friends and if there’s a bit of bonus learning at the same time, even better. With this in mind, Don’t Forget The Bubbles are excited to be launching Don’t Forget The Brain Busters, a quiz with a difference. Now we say with a difference because we’re encouraging some healthy inter-department rivalry. Intrigued? Read on…

Much like the FIFA World Cup*, the Don’t Forget The Brain Busters is made up of qualifying rounds followed by a live final.


When will the quiz start?

Starting Monday 20th April, we’ll publish a Brain Buster every other day for 10 days, that’s five Brain Busters, each with a different theme. Each Brain Buster will stay open until Sunday 3rd May so don’t worry if you can’t get to it that day, there’ll be time to get your answers in.


How do we enter?

Pub quiz rules are out the window – teams are allowed to consult, google, ask a friend or do anything (within reason) to solve the clues. Simply fill in your answers at the bottom of each post and press Submit. This will take you to the correct answers and, as long as you’ve registered, will put your team forward to be considered for the live final.


What about the live final?

Our panel of quiz masters (aged 7 and up) will score each entry. The highest four scoring teams will be invited to a live virtual final, with some fancy tech (think University Challenge via Webinar).

With entries anticipated from Australasia, Europe and Africa, we’re keeping the date and time of the live final fluid, but are aiming to schedule it for the beginning of May. Watch this space for more information.


Some q-tips

Choose your team wisely. The questions will range from neonatal to trauma so have a think about who would complement your knowledge-base. Humour is a bonus. A team of 6 is ideal.

Multiple teams from a department are welcome.

Think up a good name – there may be some bonus points for originality.

Let us know where your team is based, either geographically or virtually.

If you’d like your answers to be marked for the live final, register your team below.


*The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA for short) was established in 1905 in Paris. As well as winning the 1966 World Cup final, England, as one of only 6 countries to ever win the tournament while hosting, is famous for managing to lose the trophy 3 months before winning it, when it was stolen from Westminster. The trophy was eventually found by a dog called Pickles whilst out for a walk. “Brazil said it was a sacrilege that would never have been committed in Brazil where even its thieves loved football too much.” (source: BBC News on this day)

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