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Don’t Forget The Brain Busters – Round 1


The Neonatal Crossword Round

This round, created by @PaedsMichka, tests your neonatal knowledge and calls upon your crossword cracking prowess. Once you’ve busted this one, you will find a word hidden in the yellow boxes. Unscramble the letters and type it in the answer box below. Then press ‘Submit’ to see the answers.

Download a printable copy of the crossword here.



  1. A congenital infection presenting with a maculopapular rash that can desquamate and have characteristic x-ray long bone changes.
  2. Prolonged and can be split.
  3. 13, 18, 21
  4. A 20-day old baby presents with worsening respiratory distress since birth. Which investigation will differentiate between a diaphragmatic hernia and phrenic nerve palsy.
  5. This test is positive when a posterior dislocation of the hip is reducible with this manoeuvre.



  1. An acronym used to explain an event in an infant which could be due to a totally benign or alternatively very serious condition.
  2. Babies become alkalotic when this becomes obstructed.
  3. Monitored for in high -risk babies but no one can agree on a universal definition.
  4. Can be in or out. Has 3 vessels.
  5. A congenital cause of short gut.
  6. “Sophie is ………… and her murmur has disappeared. I think she’s having a hypercyanotic spell.”
  7. Passage of this is delayed in Hirschprung’s.
  8. A blood test that should always be sent when a baby is lethargic (and in fact when any child has a decreased conscious level of unknown cause but is often forgotten).
  9. Get this out of the cupboard when a baby comes in blue or shocked.


See the answers here: Round 1 answers

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  • The house-elves are still hard at work, copying, pasting, and occasionally weaving a little magic!


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