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Bubble Wrap Live + Connected


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In just a few short days we will be hosting our first virtual conference, DFTB Live + Connected. If you haven’t checked out the program yet then head over to There is still time to get a ticket and support DFTB.

The conference proper starts at 0600 UK / 0800 KENYA / 1500 SYDNEY / 1700 FIJI / 0100 NY

Our Bubble Wrap Live panel is hosted by Damian Roland, and comprises of the talented :-

  • Ben Wachira
  • Dani Hall
  • Simon Craig
  • Alison Boast
BubbleWrap Live start times

To give you a head start and allow you to join in the conversation at #DFTBLive here are the papers they are going to discuss.

About the authors

  • The house-elves are still hard at work, copying, pasting, and occasionally weaving a little magic!


High flow therapy – when and how?

Chest compressions in traumatic cardiac arrest

Searching for sepsis

The missing link? Children and transmission of SARS-CoV-2

Don’t Forget the Brain Busters – Round 2

An evidence summary of Paediatric COVID-19 literature


The fidget spinner craze – the good, the bad and the ugly

Parenteral Nutrition

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