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Ben Lawton: Simulation Driving Change at DFTB17


This talk was recorded live on the second day of science at DFTB17 in Brisbane. If you think you have what it takes to speak at DFTB18 then get in touch at

Who is Ben Lawton? The one time member of the Virgin cabin crew left the high life to make a difference. By day (and occasionally night) he works as a paediatric emergency consultant at Lady Cilento in Brisbane. He is also one of the founders of an amazing paediatric blog.

In this talk, Ben explains how simulation can drive change. With better hair than Limahl he reminds us that we shouldn’t be doing simulation for simulations sake but to drive change and to improve patient care.

You can listen to this talk as you walk to work on any device that supports podcasts.


You can watch the entire talk below…


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