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Arjun Rao: Sepsis at DFTB17


This talk was recorded live on the second day at DFTB17 in Brisbane. If you missed out in 2017 then why not book your leave for 2018 now. Tickets are on sale for the pre-conference workshops as well as the conference itself at

Sepsis is something that scares us all. The missed or delayed diagnosis of sepsis is a common cause for litigation in paediatric practitioners. But is there a way we can spot every case? Up to 20 percent of children presenting to the paediatic emergency department have a temperature but they do not all have sepsis.  Is there a better way than relying on the gut reaction of the parent or the clinician. Arj Rao introduces us to a framework that might make things a little clearer.

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So, sit back and watch the talk.




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