10 Thinks: A Message from Parents


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Recently JAMA Pediatrics featured an article from their ‘On My Mind‘ section by parent caregivers of children with chronic, complex medical conditions. The authors Angela Carosella, Alexis Snyder and Erin Ward worked with researches to survey and distill many of the challenges of being parents within the health care system. They suggest 10 ways that health care professionals might help parents caring with children with complex needs.

We thought these ideas were important to carry around with us in our day to day practice so we’ve summarised their key points into a A4 infographic poster ’10 Thinks’ below. We recommend you can also check out the original message and research here with their survey report here.

About the authors

  • Grace is a Registrar at Sydney Children's Hospital. She loves innovative medical education and paediatrics. She is on the organising committee for the DFTB18 and SMACC conference. Grace is a former internal director of the AMSJ. She enjoys board games, cooking and graphic design.


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3 thoughts on “10 Thinks: A Message from Parents”

  1. This is fantastic! As a paediatric genetic counsellor this is extremely helpful information and a great reminder to us. I love the graphics!