The Value of Storytelling: Mariam Issa at DFTB18

Mariam Issa arrived in Australia in 1998 with four small children and a fifth on the way. Having escaped a war-torn Somalia she sought out a new life for her and her family. Adapting to a new life and a new culture she moved on from seeing herself as a victim to seeing herself as someone that could make a difference. Now she strives to make life better for refugees through her work with Resilient Aspiring Women and the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre. In this powerful talk she shares the story of her life, and how such stories have the power to inspire growth.

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Author: Tessa Davis Tessa Davis is a Consultant in Paediatric Emergency Medicine. She is from Glasgow and Sydney, but is currently living in London. @tessardavis | + Tessa Davis | Tessa's DFTB posts

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