Look after number one at DFTB17

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This talk was recorded live on the first day at DFTB17 in Brisbane. If you missed out in 2017 then why not book your leave for 2018 now. Tickets are on sale for the pre-conference workshops and the conference itself at www.dftb18.com.

David Krieser is an paediatric emergency physician working predominantly in the western suburbs of Melbourne. As director of the paediatric emergency department of Sunshine Hospital he has mentored many a great registrar* through tough times. In this talk he reflects on some of his own experience or being on the other side of the question, “Are you okay?”

With a number of doctors in the family it is hard when a loved one falls ill. We’ve all heard stories about physicians who didn’t believe their children had appendicitis or surgeons who thought the broken arm was just a sprain. What happens when you know what is happening but seem powerless to stop it?

(*Time to declare a COI – Andy Tagg was one of those registrars)

You can listen to this talk as you walk to work on any device that supports podcasts.

Grace Leo has summarised the talk so you don’t have to take notes.

And you can watch David’s talk below.


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Someone has to do the work around here and who better than the DFTB house-elves .

Author: Team DFTB Someone has to do the work around here and who better than the DFTB house-elves .

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