Legal and Ethical Quandaries: Ian Summers at DFTB18

When most of us think of ethics and law our eyes roll and we picture Rumpole of the Bailey and quiet Sunday afternoons in front of the television. But his time Ian Summers came up with something unique. Pushing the boundaries of simulation as an educational medium he introduced us to a series of hypotheticals….

Gender Identity: Stephen Stathis at DFTB18

Associate Professor Stephen Stathis has fellowships in both paediatrics and psychiatry. As Medical Director of the Child and Youth Mental Health Services in Brisbane, Australia. He heads up the gender dysphoria service at Queensland Children.s Hospital and in this talk he expands the DFTB queericulum. In 2017 Aidan Baron started a conversation about the challenges…

An aboriginal perspective of teen pregnancy: Cally Jetta at DFTB18

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island teenagers have a fertility rate four times higher than the general population (57/1000). This disparity is even higher in Western Australia where, in 2014, there were 88 births per 1000 in the Aboriginal and Torreds Strait Islander population compared to just 15 per 1000 in the general population. Cally Jetta…

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