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Paediatric Emergency:

@tessardavis – Paeds EM doc – returned from Aus to work in the NHS. #foamed Read more about me at

@paedsem – Paediatric emergency physician. Interested in simulation, education, retrieval medicine and #FOAMPed #FOAMed married with 2 kids.

@andrewjtagg – Doctor, explorer and investigator of the unknown. Fan of #FOAMed and lifelong resuscitationist in training.

@empemorg – Emergency Medicine and Pediatric Emergency Medicine Webucation. #FOAMed #pedsemerg #FOAMped

@damian_roland – Consultant and Honorary Senior Lecturer in Paediatric Emergency Medicine Promotes #FOAMed and partial to #meded and leadership debate.

@_nmay – Emergency Medicine/Paed EM doc, medical education enthusiast & #FOAMaoke queen. Retrieval reg @SydneyHEMS. Opinions mine, tweets for HCPs, here for the #FOAMed

@pedemmorsels – EM and Ped MD working with the best residents around (Carolinas). The best way to learn is to teach… best way to teach is to think out loud. #FOAMed #FOAMPeds

@emtogether – Physician | Educator | Researcher | #Podcaster. Emergency Medicine; Pediatric Emergency Medicine. Together, we’re better: #FOAMed #FOAMped #MedEd

@pemtweets – Assistant Professor of Pediatric Emergency Medicine at Cincinnati Children’s. All views are strictly my own and not official medical advice. #FOAMed

@pemedpodcast – PEM ED is an acronym for: Pediatric EM an Educational and Directional Podcast for the adult EM physician. #FOAMed

@rasmussen_kt – Paediatric Emergency Doctor

@rmjenner – Paediatric Emergency Physician @PEDRMCH / Emergency Physician (adults are just big kids) Views my own.

@kazpotier – EM/PEM consultant, FOAM follower, football fanatic, and mum of 3 – the best bit

@rchrwlnds – PEM Dr searching for ways to improve care for kids. Sailor, skier, sandy beach seeker and ‘modern family manager’ in my spare time. All views my own. #FOAM #PED

@nikkiabela – EM, PEM, MedEd, journalism, HR & far too many other things! #FOAMed, see also @FOAMedNW. All views my own etc.

General paediatrics:

@henrygoldstein – Human, Father, Husband, Doctor (Paediatric Registrar; likes PEM, Adolescent Med, Neonates), Participant. #FOAMed #FOAMPEd

@ian_wac – Husband, father, paediatrician, editor, associate chief medical officer. Ride a bike too. Take your pick. Don’t like these opinions? I’ve got plenty of others.


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