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Teaching Videos – Asthma and Rhinitis medications


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We have made some high quality family education videos of children using various asthma devices and nasal sprays,
and one on “How to care for your spacer”.

They are available here:

There is  a QR code they can scan to go to the site on their mobile phone.

The videos play really well on mobile devices like smartphones and iPads.

You can also find a link to the videos on our Asthma Clinical Practice Guideline and soon from the Asthma Parent Handout

I have also put links on the Gen Med Clinical Resources. Look under Browse by category/Asthma Resources

Some other asthma resources that may be helpful are

o Parent Handout

o Action plan generator

o Asthma devices photoboard

I’m grateful to Lexi Frydenberg and her gorgeous children for appearing in the videos and to Sarath Ranganathan (director of Respiratory Medicine at RCH) for advice on the content.

Feel free to promote the site to your colleagues, asthma nurse educators and parents.



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