The mire of mycoplasma

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After a busy ED shift filled with innumerable toddlers with viral-induced wheeze, your last patient of the day is a little older than most of the others you’ve seen presenting with respiratory distress. A 7-year-old child wearing their school uniform lies in bay 2, having been sent home from school seeming a little ‘flat and breathless.’  You check her triage stats and note a temperature of 38.2. From the end of the bed, she looks comfortable yet a little tachypnoeic, and the oxygen monitor is hovering around the high 80s. She has some crackles on auscultation so you decide to do a CXR which reveals bilateral peribronchial shadowing. You piece her age and clinical picture together and pat yourself on the back for nailing a diagnosis of pneumonia secondary to Mycoplasma pneumoniae.