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This month’s Podcast of the Month is from PEM ED Podcast.

In a 2 x 45 minute series Andrew Sloas and Buck Kyle discuss paediatric syncope, with a focus on the cardiogenic causes that you don’t want to miss. They also cover common reasons why kids pass out, and throw in a little ECG revision too.

Do all children with congenital hearing loss need an ECG?

If you only get pre-excited about one podcast this month, make it this one.

Paediatric Syncope Part 1

Paediatric Syncope Part 2

Reflex Syncope

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Neurally mediated syncope is a heterogenous group of autonomic disorders resulting in orthostatic intolerance. It peaks in toddlers and adolescents.

There are two main groups – reflex and postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (or autonomic failure). In this post, we will discuss reflex syncope.