Keeping little folk safe

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If my house were a workplace, it would be an emergency department. We operate 24-7, there are frequent tears and sometimes blood, and always a little too much to do in the allocated time. We have also recently experienced a surge in workload, which has arrived in the form of a soft cheeked, downy haired, sweet smelling, all around delightful baby boy. We jokingly refer to him as The Royal Baby, for he is indeed a teeny dictator, but a benevolent one who bestows smiles generously upon his subjects, and is happy to converse with one and all, albeit with a limited vocabulary.

The not-so Secret Life of Pets

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Andrew Tagg. The not-so Secret Life of Pets, Don't Forget the Bubbles, 2016. Available at:

Everyone knows that Australia is one of the most dangerous countries in the world. It houses deadly spiders, snakes and sea life as well as the deadly drop-bear*. But more children are injured by pets every year than any of the native species.