Franz Babl: Behind the Scenes (Slide Design) – PREDICTing the Future

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Team DFTB. Franz Babl: Behind the Scenes (Slide Design) – PREDICTing the Future, Don't Forget the Bubbles, 2017. Available at:

Researchers are delivering increasingly well designed studies, and validating them in multiple populations, in order to provide the evidence needed to improve care. Furthermore, increasing use of national, and international, research collaborations has improved our ability to test hypotheses and deliver interventions at an unprecedented scale. However while good practice guidance exists for the design, methodology and delivery stages of this research, there is often little practical guidance given to researchers on how best to present their research findings. While dissemination methodologies are widespread (creation of newsletters, embedding in national guidance etc.) a large amount of knowledge translation occurs at conferences between speakers and delegates. While grant awarding bodies and peer reviewers often cast an (objectively) critical eye over the delivery phase of studies the ‘conference’ dissemination phase is less well regulated. To be blunt, often people are afraid to feedback to the experienced researcher that their presentation of their research findings wasn’t very good.