ConSEPT and EcLiPSE – Levetiracetam versus Phenytoin for Status Epilepticus

Cite this article as: Roland D, Davis T. ConSEPT and EcLiPSE – Levetiracetam versus Phenytoin for Status Epilepticus, Don't Forget the Bubbles, 2019. Available at: week sees the publication of two hugely anticipated randomised controlled trials both published in the Lancet simultaneously which DFTB have been given exclusive access to.  

Bacterial co-infection

Cite this article as: Tagg, A. Bacterial co-infection, Don't Forget the Bubbles, 2018. Available at: we are asked to look at a febrile infant with what appears to be a viral illness. But could there be something else going on? If you believe in Occam’s Razor or the law of parsimony then you might…

The 11th Bubble Wrap

Cite this article as: Leo, G. The 11th Bubble Wrap, Don't Forget the Bubbles, 2017. Available at: millions upon millions of journal articles being published every year it is impossible to keep up.  Every month we ask some of our friends from PERUKI (Paediatric Emergency Research in UK and Ireland) to point out something that…

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