The sweet bird of truth

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The use of social media has yet to hit the mainstream of medical education and, as such, those of us that spend our time online are often asked to explain exactly what we do. I was given the opportunity to speak to the Melbourne Paediatric Emergency Medicine trainees about the whys, hows and the so whats of social media as a medical education tool.

Personal Learning Networks

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What sort of health practitioner do you want to be? Nobody wants to be average, as Simon Carley tells us, so how do we go about growing? Professor C. offered us lots of great advice and there will be more to come when the #smaccDUB podcasts get released.
This week, I have once again sacrificed myself to the roster gods, and got a week off to attend the Teaching Course in Melbourne. Without wanting to sound like a shill for the course on day one, I wanted to reflect on something that really resonated with me.

PAC Conference: Baker on The FOAM Revolution

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We have teamed up with APLS to share the videos from their Paediatric Acute Care Conferences. These videos have never been open access before, so if you weren’t able to attend the conferences, then now’s your chance to catch up.

The PAC Conference is run each year by APLS and consists of presentations on a range of topics relevant to paediatric acute and critical care.