Antibiotics for all?

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Sometimes a paper is published that makes you stop dead in your tracks. In this post-truth era we are so used to reading headlines that sound too good to be true that we just skip over them. But this paper was published in the reputable New England Journal of Medicine.

Where living to your 6th Birthday is a miracle

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Williams, P. Where living to your 6th Birthday is a miracle, Don't Forget the Bubbles, 2018. Available at:

I’m currently working in a rural Paediatric HDU in Kenya, and removed from the incredibly high-level (and free) health care we can access in Australia. I’m reminded that while we see and treat many sick children each day in our tiered health care system in Australia, the children we treat are really the tip of…

The Quagmire

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Our community is made up of health care folks that do hard things, go the extra mile, work on themselves and their knowledge so that patients get better outcomes. We’re not good all the time. We make mistakes, forget stuff, get grumpy or emotional, slide into tribal behaviour. But we’re working on it. So when…

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