Don’t Forget The Twitter

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Perhaps you’ve been introduced to FOAMed and have dipped a toe into the land of Twitter but until now have been hesitant about joining in… here are some top tips from the DFTB Team to help you on your Twitter journey at the upcoming conference and beyond!

How the Internet can make you a better doctor- Salim Rezaie at DFTB17


Salim explores a selection methods through which web-based tools can enhance both the education we offer to our learners, and that which we seek out for ourselves.

Don't Forget the Bubbles
How the Internet can make you a better doctor- Salim Rezaie at DFTB17


Read all about it!

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Here at Don’t Forget The Bubbles we are huge proponents of FOAMed.  It is our raison d’etre. Information that is stuck  behind paywalls will inevitably take time to trickle down to the practitioner who has piles of plastic wrapped journals sitting in their in tray still waiting to be opened, let alone read.

PAC Conference: Baker on The FOAM Revolution

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We have teamed up with APLS to share the videos from their Paediatric Acute Care Conferences. These videos have never been open access before, so if you weren’t able to attend the conferences, then now’s your chance to catch up.

The PAC Conference is run each year by APLS and consists of presentations on a range of topics relevant to paediatric acute and critical care.