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Our stats in 2013


It’s been a fabulous year for Don’t Forget the Bubbles. We strongly believe in FOAM and so in the spirit of openness and sharing, here are our stats for our first four months.

Don’t Forget the Bubbles launched on 1st September 2013 and we have had great support and feedback in these first few months. Thanks to everyone involved – from Tessa, Ben, Henry and Andy.


Overall stats (Sept 1st 2103 to Dec 31st 2013)

Number of views – 59,101

Number of countries viewing – 144

Most views from Australia, the UK and the USA


Popular posts

Our five most viewed posts were:



We’ve generated some great discussion and received 88 comments. Our most commented on post was:

Are nebulisers or spacers better for managing acute asthma?



One of the main aims of DFTB is to get other paeds professionals involved in creating online FOAM content. We welcome contributions from people of all grades and roles in Child Health.

  • Contributions from 32 different authors
  • 13 paediatric consultants supervise and review posts prior to publication


Types of posts

While finding our feet this year we’ve been trying out different styles of posts – the idea is that there will be something for everyone and that contributions can be flexible depending on the author’s interests and writing style.

  • Topic summaries – an overview of the management
  • Quick reference tables – things like BP centiles, resus drug doses, BSA calculation, where we need to be able to look these up quickly
  • X-ray vision – teaching around paediatric x-rays
  • Spot check – building up our bank of rashes (images and management)
  • From the journal – summaries and discussions on recent papers
  • Podcast of the week – building up a resource of useful paediatric podcasts
  • Expert viewpoint – opinion pieces on child health from those in the know
  • Exam revision help – clinical examination, quizzes, communication scenarios
  • IT – suggestions for ways to make being a doctor easier using the tech available to us


Our aims for 2014

We would like to engage more people in using online learning resources and creating online paediatric content. We aim to collaborate with those around us to create a high-quality, practical educational resource for those working in paediatrics.


  • Tessa Davis is a Consultant in Paediatric Emergency Medicine at the Royal London Hospital and a Senior Lecturer at Queen Mary University of London.


Copy of Trial (1)

The 74th Bubble Wrap X PRAM


Choosing Wisely – Viral Respiratory Panels in children with respiratory symptoms

, ,



Getting everyone to sing in harmony


Choosing Wisely – Radiographs in children with suspected constipation

, ,

Antibiotics in the paediatric emergency department

, ,
Copy of Trial (1)

Bubble Wrap PLUS – September ’23


Choosing Wisely – Investigations for seizures that have returned to baseline

, ,


ikigai HEADER

Ikigai – A reflection on DFTB23

Medical clearance

Choosing Wisely – Investigations for Paediatric Patients presenting with Psychiatric Symptoms

, ,

Life in Art


Choosing Wisely – Radiographs in children with respiratory symptoms

, ,
Breaking barriers HEADER

Breaking down barriers

Mediastinal massesHEADER

The emergency management of mediastinal masses

, ,

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