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The DFTB Podcast – The Three Muskapeers: Episode 1


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Featuring quite possibly the worst pun ever, the DFTB podcast brings you episode 1 of a new feature: The Three Muskapeers. Three guests have a virtual chat round the coffee table and peer review three journal papers that have caught their attention each month. In this pilot episode Damian Roland, Alasdair Munro and Ian Lewins talk COVID-19, head injuries and more COVID-19.

About the authors

  • Ian is a Paediatric Emergency Medicine Consultant based in Derby. He loves #FOAMed, Apple products, Comics, running and his family. In that order. He dislikes cauliflower cheese.


High flow therapy – when and how?

Chest compressions in traumatic cardiac arrest

Searching for sepsis

The missing link? Children and transmission of SARS-CoV-2

Don’t Forget the Brain Busters – Round 2

An evidence summary of Paediatric COVID-19 literature


The fidget spinner craze – the good, the bad and the ugly

Parenteral Nutrition

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1 thought on “The DFTB Podcast – The Three Muskapeers: Episode 1”

  1. Fantastic episode, i really enjoyed it! I had been listening to Drostens podcast; and after hearing him speak about it I read the article…which made me promptly stop listening to him! I wasn’t clever enough to spot most of the failings highlighted in your review; but the overarching conclusions and statements made about school closures etc just made me question the whole article (and also question my German language skills as to how i had not picked up on his biases sooner!). So thank you for validating my instincts!! I look forward to future episodes (only if your conclusions continue to agree with mine of course).



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