In our second episode of ‘The Three Muskapeers’ Drs Damian Roland, Alasdair Munro and Ian Lewins have a chat about what’s new in the literature about COVID-19, including current challenges and controversies in Paediatrics. Contains scenes of rib-tickling.


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Stuart Dalziel is a professor of paediatric emergency medicine in Tāmaki-makau-rau (Auckland), the director of research at Starship Hospital. He is a past chair of PREDICT and current chair of PERN. It is in this role that he spoke at DFTB19.

The DFTB team are passionate about creating networks to drive change and by combining research outputs PERN looks to foster research networks to answer many of the questions we have. As well as including the global community it is important to recognise that whilst most of the research output is provided by tertiary children’s hospitals the vast majority of children present to our smaller units. The research we do has to reflect that.

Damian Roland is a Paediatric Emergency Medicine and Honorary Associate Professor, who is also the chair PERUKI (Paediatric Emergency Research United Kingdom and Ireland). Damian delivered this thought-provoking talk on guidelines, gestalt and real-world practice on behalf of Rachel Rowlands, who was unable to attend.

If your New Year resolution is to get more involved in research you cannot afford to miss our first podcast of 2020! We talk to Dr Meriel Tolhurst-Cleaver about her research project into the management of periorbital cellulitis in the ED  – the first trainee-led PERUKI project – and get top tips on how to set up and complete a unique research proposal from scratch. Probably the most useful and instructive 20 minutes you’ll spend this week..

Simon Carley is a consultant in Emergency Medicine working in adult and paediatric emergency and trauma centres in one of the busiest hospitals in Manchester, England.  He is also the founder of the excellent St Emlyn’s website.

You are working in the Emergency Department and the standby phone rings…Professor Carley takes us on a journey in reviewing the process of desensitization in medical training, and challenges us to take control of our emotions, our team and the environment when things don’t go as expected. When plans A, B and C don’t work, what can we do next?

He also reminds us that what is a potentially awesome day for us is most definitely not a great day for our patients.

During the festive season we all like games, right? So how about a game with a PEM twist? Let Drs Dani Hall, Rachael Mitchell and Sarah Davies take you on a PEM “Choose Your Own Adventure” to make your next presentation truly memorable.

Jane Munro is the Head of Rheumatology at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. It turns out that we all struggle with the same thing in rheumatology. It also turns out that, like paediatric dermatology, it’s not just all about the steroids. In that first or even that third encounter, it is all about history, history, history not a raft of blood tests.

Siobhan Wren is an ophthalmologist based at Imperial College in London. It’s a rotation that most of us skipped out on in medical school but with paediatric ocular trauma accounting for a third of all ocular trauma it is something that needs to be on our radar.

In this talk she focuses on the first sixty minutes after the injury – keeping the patient comfortable and safe, not making things worse and a stepwise approach to the basic examination.

We are delighted to release our first guest podcast brought to you by the team at Fontanelle. ‘Tis the season to be snotty – and so host Dr Caroline Storey talks to General Paediatric Consultant Dr Claire Hollingsworth about everything bronchiolitis. Essential listening this time of year, particularly for trainees staring their paediatric rotations.

Grace Leo is a paediatric registrar who has been involved in the FOAMed community for the last 8 years and forms part of the Don’t Forget The Bubbles and SMACC conference teams. Through her journey she’s been able to realise dreams she hadn’t even imagined possible and has become an advocate for the importance of visual communication in medical education talks and research.  In this talk, Grace share’s her personal journey in becoming engaged in FOAMed as well as the beauty of finding her own place to call home through the power of personal learning networks and a willingness to say yes.

Jean Robinson is paediatric dermatology nurse specialist working at the Royal London Hospital. Her area of expertise is something we could all be a bit better managing – eczema. She might be one of the few people that can actually describe a rash in twenty words or less. She also knows more than just steroids and wet dressings.