WILTW: unrequited stress

In this weeks COVID Catch up the challenge of “unrequited stress’ is discussed. We’ve moved from a phase of decision drowsiness (fatigue from the unrelating demands of busy clinical shifts) into one of engagement exhaustion. Constant (often virtual) meetings with no obvious end in sight until the pandemic abates.

Late effects in oncology: Erica Donovan at DFTB19

Erica Donovan rounded out our session on paediatric oncology with this talk about the late effects of paediatric cancers. When we think of cancer we think about making the diagnosis, the chemotherapy, the radiotherapy, the operations. Very rarely do we think of the impact of an essentially chronic disease that has taken a chunk of…

WILTW: feelings and facts

In this week’s COVID Catch two great blogs are highlighted; one from Critical Care Consultant Laura Rock on not answering “Feelings with Facts” and why this is relevant during the pandemic and one from PICU Consultant Miriam Fine-Goulden exploring how its important to hold onto the positives of COVID as well as the negatives.

WILTW: resus and PPE in the time of COVID

In this week’s COVID Catch up the issue of communication in resuscitation situations when all team members are in full PPE is explored, and carrying on the PPE theme, the importance of not mixing messages is highlighted. If the wrong advice is given staff members may start using up the very PPE you are running…

WILTW: the new world of paediatric services

COVID has brought with it a reduced flow in paediatrics for now. And many paediatricians are feeling guilt or worry about not being able to contribute in the way our Adult colleagues are currently. Damian explores this, and also how we deal with those who do present to ED during the pandemic.