Maturing your approach to trauma: Anne Weaver at DFTB19

Anne Weaver is a consultant in Emergency Medicine & Prehospital Care at The Royal London Hospital and Lead Clinician for London’s Air Ambulance. In this talk she shares her experience of caring for the ever-increasing number of stabbing victims in the United Kingdom. There is a disconnect between what adult trauma surgeons and paediatric trauma…

Culture Cataclysm in modern medicine: Helen Bevan at DFTB19

Helen Bevan is the Director of Service Transformation for the National Health Service Institute for Innovation and Improvement. The NHS is one of the biggest employers in the world. When it was established in 1948 the average life expectancy for men was 66 and 71 for women. As science has advanced and the population becomes…

WILTW: communication challenges

In this week’s COVID Catch, up a spotlight on the communication challenges that are emerging during COVID and some further detail on a new potential emergency inflammatory condition. Also a heads up to a handy “team timeout’ tool for use at handover.

WILTW: unrequited stress

In this weeks COVID Catch up the challenge of “unrequited stress’ is discussed. We’ve moved from a phase of decision drowsiness (fatigue from the unrelating demands of busy clinical shifts) into one of engagement exhaustion. Constant (often virtual) meetings with no obvious end in sight until the pandemic abates.