In our second episode of ‘The Three Muskapeers’ Drs Damian Roland, Alasdair Munro and Ian Lewins have a chat about what’s new in the literature about COVID-19, including current challenges and controversies in Paediatrics. Contains scenes of rib-tickling.


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Simon explains just how much we don’t know about treating severe, acute asthma and outlines a research agenda to answer some of the key questions.

Helen outlines the updates to the neonatal resuscitation guidelines and provides some background on how these came about.

Franz describes the key paediatric head injury assessment rules, explains their applicability in the Australian context and outlines and agenda for further research in this area.

David describes the challenges of supporting children with complex and varied backgrounds in our Australian system where only specific diagnoses are eligible for enhanced educational support.

If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day – but if you teach a man to fish – you feed him for a lifetime”.

Grace speaks as a junior doctor in training about ways she believes we can be become educators to juniors and our peers. She shares some of her insights into and experience of receiving effective teaching to suggests practical ways we can integrate teaching into the every-moment at work.

Nikki talks about her experience as part of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine (RCEM) Learning team. The college has taken great strides in adopting new technologies to enhance the members learning experience – utilising blogs, podcasts and web-based curriculum tools.


Salim explores a selection methods through which web-based tools can enhance both the education we offer to our learners, and that which we seek out for ourselves.

Gabrielle Quilliam shares her birth story – of being foster parent and how that led to building and developing a children’s hospice.


Mary Freer discusses compassion in healthcare. Being compassionate means being present, being empathic, and being vulnerable. But it’s not soft or fluffy; it takes courage and muscle.