Are we using simulation for the right purpose?: Vic Brazil at DFTB18

The  audience at DFTB18 were privileged to attend a series of sessions from team at Simulcast, the premier podcast for all things sim and debriefing. 

In this first talk of the session Vic Brazil interviews Kara Allen about the place of simulation and asks ‘Is at really all that?‘ Kara Allen is a consultant anaesthetist at the Royal Melbourne Hospital and Clinical Lead at Monash Simulation. Whilst sim seems like an exciting way of doing ‘stuff’ and we all love the chance to get out of our respective departments and play let’s- pretend is it fit for purpose?

Author: Tessa Davis Tessa Davis is a Consultant in Paediatric Emergency Medicine. She is from Glasgow and Sydney, but is currently living in London. @tessardavis | + Tessa Davis | Tessa's DFTB posts

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