Abnormal Treatment Behaviour: Jannie Geertsema at DFTB18

Jannie Geertsema is a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist working at the Queensland Children’s Hospital. He recognises that the ability to work as a paediatrician can come at a considerable cost to the clinicians involved. One of the major challenges faced in the field of paediatrics is recognising who we are treating – is it the child, the parent, or something in between? Nowhere is this more obvious than in the realm of child and adolescent mental health.

So what is treatment behaviour? It is how we, as doctors, treat our patients…And treatment failure is affected by illness behaviour and the sick role.

In this great talk Jannie will make you think about how you interact with your patients and perhaps, just perhaps make you change your behaviour.

Author: Tessa Davis Tessa Davis is a Consultant in Paediatric Emergency Medicine. She is from Glasgow and Sydney, but is currently living in London. @tessardavis | + Tessa Davis | Tessa's DFTB posts

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