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Podcast archives: paediatric cardiac disease


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This month’s Podcast of the Month from the archives is from dasSMACC.

In a 15 minute podcast Michele Domico (Cardiac Intensivist, California) discusses finding the needle in the haystack – life threatening cardiac disease in children over one month of age. Through five cases she illustrates the most commonly missed cardiac ‘zebras’, and provides some helpful hints on how not to miss them.

What are the differences between the presentations of viral myocarditis and ALCAPA in infants?

If you only get pre-excited about one podcast this month, make it this one.

About the authors

  • Emily is a General Paediatric Fellow in the Hunter Valley, Australia who also works at John Hunter Children's Hospital in Newcastle. She enjoys running with her toddler in tow, eating Low Carb High Fat food and drinking Hunter Valley semillon. Emily gets exited about hands free medical education and sharing the podcast love.


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