Online resources for lab tests & their interpretation

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We outline a few useful online resources for laboratory tests and their interpretation.

NHS Brighton & Sussex Labs

This is an excellent resource from the Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust. It is an exhaustive online catalogue of tests offered in their Biochemistry, Haematology, Immunology, Microbiology and other laboratory departments. As an official NHS site aimed at healthcare professionals, it is regularly updated with the latest guidance.


  • Reference ranges for adults and children by sex and age in S.I. units – these may vary slightly from your local population demographics.
  • Tube selection – i.e. clotted, citrate, fluoride etc. Again, these may occasionally vary from your local lab but are surprisingly universal.
  • Sample requirements and information about test interpretation. This is especially useful for more obscure tests.

While the style of the website is slightly dated, it works well. There is an easy A to Z index navigation scheme, a search box and also the ability to drill down by department.


The Mayo Clinic Medical Labs

This is another great resource for laboratory tests containing much of the same information as the NHS Brighton & Sussex site. The site is a slicker and more commercial American affair. However, it offers a great alternative to those using non-S.I. units.


  • You can browse by disease or by test name and by using a search box.
  • Again ranges are broken down by age and sex.
  • The test catalogue is perhaps even more exhaustive.
  • Tube selection is included and each test interpretation section is thorough.

My main criticisms are that the site is less relevant to my clinical practice in the UK NHS, while, sifting through the vast amounts of information can be overwhelming.


Cardiff Toxicology Labs

This is a simple but useful site with information of a vast range of toxicology tests including some very obscure. Reference ranges, tube selection and test information are again detailed.


Lab Tests Online

This is a brilliant resource on laboratory testing aimed at patients and the general public. It tells patients in what the test is for and what it involves in simple ‘layman’s’ terms. Better still, the information is noncommercial and peer-reviewed.

The site is an international effort with specific versions for the UK, US, Australian and a number of other countries. It looks lovely and has a great navigation system by universal search, by test, by condition or by screen. There is specific information on tests for neonates, children, adolescents and adults.

I find it a great and trustworthy source of digestible information to point concerned parents or patients to. Reference ranges are deliberately not provided so as not to cause concern to people unable to interpret their meaning.

Do you use any online lab test resources that we have missed? Please tell us about them in the comments below!

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Sam is a junior doctor training in Glasgow, Scotland. Passionate about improving technology in healthcare. Blogs about both. Director and medical apps developer at Polwarth Limited.

Author: Sam Leighton Sam is a junior doctor training in Glasgow, Scotland. Passionate about improving technology in healthcare. Blogs about both. Director and medical apps developer at Polwarth Limited.

6 Responses to "Online resources for lab tests & their interpretation"

  1. Simon Craig
    Simon Craig 6 years ago .Reply

    Hi Sam,

    Probably the best local resource is here:

    Developed by the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia

    It has excellent resources, including
    – tests by clinical problem
    – pathology tests
    – pathology decision support tools

    Kind regards,


  2. Sam Leighton
    Sam Leighton 6 years ago .Reply

    Cheers Simon,

    That website actually looks pretty awesome! Will bookmark!


  3. Julian Wicks
    Julian Wicks 6 years ago .Reply

    Another Australian resource is

    Its pretty similar to the RCPA website with a little extra info on the tests (both useful and superfluous things), but doesn’t have the decision tools.

  4. Graham Johnson
    Graham Johnson 4 years ago .Reply

    Hi there,
    Was just listening to EM:RAP and they mentioned about , which sounds and looks pretty good for bili related things. Might be good to have it on here.

    • Tessa Davis
      Tessa Davis 4 years ago .Reply

      Thanks Graham, I will check this out.

  5. Catherine
    Catherine 4 years ago .Reply

    Hi, Good resource for neurology investigations – indications and interpretation of results.

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