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Moderator guide for #DFTB_JC


The #DFTB_JC is a collaboration between Archives of Disease and Childhood and DFTB to encourage online discussion and critical appraisal of recent research.

We have put this guide together to answer any questions you might have on what you should be doing and how to run the JC.


1. Choose an ADC paper for your month – week before the month starts.

The paper will be made open access on the first of the month, so you need to choose it the week before (i.e. for March you need to tell us your paper choice in the last week of Feb so we can release the paper on 1st March). You can choose any ADC paper that you think is worthy of a one hour twitter discussion. Email with you choice of paper.


2. Choose a date for your journal club –  by the 1st of the month

This should be in the third week of the month (roughly).

The journal club should run at 8pm UTC (this is to include as many time zones as possible)


3. Think of key people to invite

If the authors of your paper are on twitter then it would be great to invite them along to the chat. Similarly if you know any key people who are interested in the topic of the paper then invite them too.


4. Do a critical appraisal of your paper – by the journal club date

This is really for yourself as it will help you run the discussion on twitter i.e. so you have already done the analysis

The BestBets checklists are a great way to structure this.


5. Think of your four questions – by the journal club date (but would be nice to share them earlier)

There should be four questions (Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4) which will form the main structure to your journal club. These questions will depend on what you found in your critical appraisal. Once we have run the first JC we will add the questions used there as an example.


6. Run the twitter chat – well, this is the date of the journal club

The key focus of each JC will be a one hour twitter chat which you will moderate from the @dftbubbles account at 8pm UTC on your chosen date. Tweets should use the hashtag #DFTB_JC.

Use your four questions as a structure for the hour to generate discussion around a critical appraisal of the paper. Your aim is to facilitate and encourage others to join in and share their views.

Make sure you start and end on time. Nobody likes a JC that runs late.


7. Write a summary for DFTB – last week of the month

In the week following your JC you should write a summary of the chat and the paper for DFTB. This is also where your original critical appraisal will come in handy and you can likely use it as a framework for the post and add in other twitter comments and discussion where relevant.


Thanks for being part of the DFTB team – we really appreciate it


  • Tessa Davis is a Consultant in Paediatric Emergency Medicine at the Royal London Hospital and a Senior Lecturer at Queen Mary University of London.


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