Managing autism in the ED

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This month’s Podcast of the Month is from Pomegranate Health.

In a 30 minute podcast carer Annette talks about raising her teenage grandson, Aaron, who has Autism. Meenakshi Rattan (Paediatrician, Campbelltown Hospital) and Kenneth Nunn (Psychiatrist, Children’s Hospital Westmead) discuss the challenges that a busy emergency department creates for patients like Aaron. They offer some non-pharmacologic and pharmacologic strategies to calm distressed patients with pervasive developmental disorders.

Can a visual timetable help in the ED?

If you only line-up one podcast this month, make it this one.

Listen to the podcast.

Author: Emily Pascoe Emily is a General Paediatric Fellow in the Hunter Valley, Australia who also works at John Hunter Children's Hospital in Newcastle. She enjoys running with her toddler in tow, eating Low Carb High Fat food and drinking Hunter Valley semillon. Emily gets exited about hands free medical education and sharing the podcast love.

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