How to make an online teaching feedback form

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Education and training is a key pillar of clinical governance. It is important both to keep our own training up to date and also to take part in the teaching of others. This is one of the main reasons we have chosen to become involved in FOAM (Free Open Access Medical Education).

Getting good quality feedback on our teaching is important to help improve our teaching methods, style and content.

Most of the medical college websites provide a template feedback form to hand out. This is good to a point, but, collecting and manually collating data from bundles of paper is cumbersome and a bit archaic.

Here we will take you through how to make an online feedback form using a simple and free tool from Google. Every time someone clicks submit on the form, their responses are saved on a new line of a companion spreadsheet in your Google Drive. It is a robust paper-free feedback method which saves time. You will no longer have to chase up students for their responses or hunt through piles of paper on your desk.

In addition, it serves as a transparent source of evidence that shows you have taken part in teaching and received formal feedback. This is great for your online training portfolio or as evidence for a job interview.

Step 1

Sign in to your Google Drive with your Google account username and password. Registration is easy if you haven’t done so already. Once here click on the big red ‘CREATE’ button and select ‘Form’.

Step 2

Name your form and choose your theme. Don’t worry you can change both of these later.


Step 3

Fill in your questions. You can choose from several different question types – text, paragraph text, multiple choice, checkboxes, choose from a list, scale, grid, date and time. You can choose whether to make each question required or not. When you have finished the question click done. Then add as many questions as you like with the ‘Add item’ button. Again don’t worry you can change any aspect of the form later.


Step 4

Fill in the message for the confirmation page then click the ‘Send Form’ button.


This will give you a link to copy and paste and the option to send by email etc:


At this stage, I usually take the rather long URL link for the form and shorten it with my URL shortener of choice. I use Google’s URL shortener. This has another advantage of being able to track how many times your link has been clicked on.


Step 5

Now click the ‘Done’ button in the send form dialog. This will take you to a new dialog prompting you to choose destination to save the completed responses to your form. Simply name your new spreadsheet and click ‘Create’.


Now you can send your form’s shortened URL link to anyone you want to complete. Here’s my new sample form – click on the picture to see it in real life:


Every time a completed form is submitted it will create a new line in your response spreadsheet.


That’s it – pretty easy, eh? Remember if you want to change anything in your form just click on it in your Google Drive to go back to the editor.

Please leave any questions or comments below. I will do my best to answer them!

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Sam is a junior doctor training in Glasgow, Scotland. Passionate about improving technology in healthcare. Blogs about both. Director and medical apps developer at Polwarth Limited.

Author: Sam Leighton Sam is a junior doctor training in Glasgow, Scotland. Passionate about improving technology in healthcare. Blogs about both. Director and medical apps developer at Polwarth Limited.

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    Tim Leeuwenburg 6 years ago .Reply

    Thanks Sam, seems straightforward.

    Guess one could also use this to create an easy to access survey….disseminated via email or twitter/blog link to URL…..better than that SurveyMonkey $@&&@!

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