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Don’t Forget The Christmas Quiz: the picture round


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Ready for a picture round? We’ve collated some of the best images from 2020 for you and your teams.

Question 1

a) What name is given to this two-piece intra-articular fracture of the base of the 1st metacarpal of the thumb?

b) If the fracture was in three parts, what would it be called?

Question 2

What tendon is being tested in this image?

Question 3

What type of injury is demonstrated below?

Question 4

a) What are the names of the three highlighted areas in this shoulder x-ray?

b) What injury is demonstrated in this x-ray?

Question 5

This child presents with worsening foot pain with no history of trauma. Which bone is affected and what is this condition called?

Question 6

This child has been complaining of heel pain. What does his x-ray show and what is this condition called?

Question 7

Describe this fracture.

Question 8

What type of fracture is this? (Clue: it involves a dislocation. Bonus points if you can name the injured joint)

Question 9

What type of fracture is this?

Question 10

Name this Christmas movie.

Good luck everyone. Answers will be posted tomorrow.

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