Don’t Forget The Christmas Quiz: the Ho Ho Ho holiday hunt

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We’re wrapping up the Don’t Forget The Christmas Quiz with a Jolly Holiday Christmas scavenger hunt through the DFTB website. Each clue leads you to a DFTB article. Follow the clues, find (and read!) the article, and grab a selfie with the associated prop. Improvisation is welcome if you don’t have access to the required prop. Post to Twitter (#DFTBHolidayHunt) to join in on a global scale, or just follow along at home.

Have a super holiday season wherever you are.

Question 1

Andy talks to us about frequency of critical procedures in the paediatric emergency department. How many years does Andy need to practice to get the required number of intubations to maintain competency?

Selfie with your airway kit please!

Question 2

Preparing for major trauma is a vital pre-patient step, and improvisation can be key. How does Shane say you can improvise a bite block for a Le Fort II / III fracture?

This time, a selfie with your ENT kit.

Question 3

Kids love talking about poo, as do paediatricians! But if you have a sibling with Hirschsprung’s Disease, how much more likely then the general population are you to have it too?

This one needs some Christmas coordination… selfie with your friendly surgical team.

Question 4

General David Morrison AO (Retd), an outspoken opponent of gender bias and discrimination, gave a talk on workplace bullying and harassment. Andy uses General Morrison’s talk to discuss bullying in the workplace: discrimination, unjustified criticism, verbal threats, undue pressure and having jokes made at someone’s expense. Which heroic duo does Andy say characterise ‘defenders’ in the bullying arena?

Selfie with your wonderful team.

Question 5

At DFTB 2019 Russ and Cian demonstrated how useful POCUS can be. What favourite snack can help you to do a supra-pubic aspiration?

Selfie with your favourite snack!

Question 6

And finally, our Christmas question. In 2016, the Journal of Happiness published an article entitled, “What makes a merry Christmas?” But, what does make a merry Christmas?

A final selfie with your workplace Elfie.

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