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Don’t Forget The Brain Busters – Round 3


The Minor Injuries Picture Quiz

Welcome to today’s Don’t Forget The Boredom Buster. We’ve learned a bit about neonates, hunted through some articles and now it’s time for the injury enthusiasts to shine. Have a look at these images and see if you can spot the injuries.

Don’t forget, when you’re done, press ‘Submit’ for the answers.

Ready? Well here goes…


Question 1

Sam, a 14-year old competitive sprinter, limps into your ED complaining of a severe pain in his left hip which came on suddenly while running. He points to a specific area of his pelvis and experiences pain on /active hip flexion, which is weaker than on the right. This is his x-ray.

What is his diagnosis?


Question 2

Tom, a 5 year old boy, is brought to the ED after a football game with his 9 year old brother went pear shaped. Tom, standing in goal, took the full brunt of a misjudged penalty shot. Luckily Tom did not lose consciousness and has not vomited but when he told his mum everything looked a bit blurry she panicked bundled him in the back of the car and drove straight to your ED. There is no evidence of bruising or contusion but when you assess Tom’s eye movements you see this when he looks up at the ceiling.

What is this a sign of? What sensory loss might you find with this injury?


Question 3

Sebastian is a 13 year old boy who is the school basketball champion. During training, leapt to deliver a slam dunk but just as he lifted into the air felt a sudden pop in his right knee. He is unable to weight bear and when you examine him it’s immediately obvious that the right knee is swollen compared to the left. He cannot straight leg raise. This is his x-ray.

What do you see? What can you measure to confirm your suspicion?



Question 4

Sophie is a 15 year old girl who was chasing her annoying 11 year old brother when she tripped over a rogue rugby ball and fell straight onto her outstretched left hand. Her left wrist is very sore and tender. This is her x-ray.

What do you see? (Tip: there’s more than one injury…)


Question 5

10 year old George was hurdling at school when he tripped and fell. He was seen at a neighbouring ED a couple of days ago who diagnosed a sprain of his knee but the pain is no better and his knee is so swollen that his mum has brought him to your ED for a second opinion. His knee exam is limited by pain. You order a knee x-ray.

What do you spot?


Question 6

9 year old Ella was jumping on the trampoline when she took a tumble: she planted her foot, hyperextending her knee and twisted. Her knee is now super sore and very swollen.

What can you see on her x-ray? (Hint: the lateral is your friend)


Question 7

Margot is 12 years old and a keen gymnast. She was practising on the uneven bars and had sudden pain in the medial aspect of her right arm during a twisting manoeuvre. Her elbow is swollen and tender medially and there appears to be some valgus laxity. This is her x-ray.

What can you spot? (or not?)


Question 8

14 year old Nicholas was out skateboarding. Super chuffed that he’d finally mastered the slide and grind, he went for a last good luck flip. Only it wasn’t so lucky – he landed on his forearm and swears he heard a crunch. His forearm is grossly swollen and incredibly sore but after some intranasal fentanyl he tolerates an x-ray.

What does his x-ray show? 


Question 9

Rebecca is 13 years old. She was playing on her pogo stick but her right foot slipped off and she landed awkwardly on twisting and externally rotating her ankle. She immediately fell to the floor on the court and couldn’t stand on it. Her ankle is very bruised and swollen and, even after intranasal fentanyl, she is very reluctant to weight bear on it.

What type of fracture does she have?

See the answers here: Round 3 answers


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