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DFTB17 – Frequently Asked Questions


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We are very excited to be putting on our very first conference this year in Brisbane, August 28th to 30th 2017. We’ve worked hard to put together a diverse group of speakers from a variety of backgrounds with the hope that there is something for everyone.  Every now and then we get an e-mail or two from would be delegates so we thought we would put together a brief FAQ for you all…

Who is the conference aimed at?

Simply put, DFT17 is aimed after anyone that looks after children. You could work in primary care, pre-hospital or hospital based medicine and we can guarantee you’ll find something to interest you.  Take a look at the fantastic program we have put together.

The allied health/registrar tickets are sold out. Does that mean I can’t go?

We managed to secure a limited number of reduced price tickets and these have now sold out. That does not mean you can’t come but unfortunately you will have to pay full price. That works out as less than 350$ a day for world class education.

I can’t make it to DFTB17? Are you going to record the talks?

Absolutely. DFTB was founded on the principles of FOAMed and we aim to keep it that way. We aim to release the talks as audio podcasts after the event.

Are you doing poster/abstract presentations?

We did think long and hard about this. We understand that for some of you it is easier to secure funding to go to a conference if you are presenting a poster or abstract. There was little initial interest and we though it might be a little weird just having a couple of posters up for perusal. We are happy to revisit this in the future.

Are you running any workshops?

It’s our very first conference so we wanted to get the basics right.  It’s certainly something we a re considering in the future. If any of you have any bright ideas of workshops you would like to see then please let us know.

What about social events?

After the first day we are going to have an informal meet and greet cocktail party where the drinks are on us. It will gave you a chance to catch up with fellow delegates and speakers and a chance to share your passion for paediatrics. After the second day we going to host an amazing party. More details will follow. We’ve also got some other surprise events planned but you’ll have to watch this space.

I’ve got this great idea for a talk…

We are more than happy to hear form you if you have a great idea for the future.

Is this a one off event or is there going to be a DFTB18?

We want this venture to be a big success and, of course, the future of a DFTB18 or DFTB19 really depends on you, our audience.


If you’ve not yet registered for DFTB17 then head over to and sign up. What are you waiting for?

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