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DFTB in EMA #2 – identifying the sick febrile child


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The team at DFTB had our second article published in the series for Emergency Medicine Australasia Journal.

Healthcare professionals who do not meet sick children on a regular basis are often anxious about missing a serious bacterial infection in a child. Even for those of us working solely in paediatrics, there is still the same fear of sending home a pyrexial child without recognising how unwell they are. Each individual needs to have a system in place, and a process to work through, when assessing the child who is febrile with no focus of infection. A combination of history, physical assessment and physiological markers can be used for correct identification.

Click here to read the rest of the article – “Needle in a haystack: how to identify the sick febrile child”


Davis T, Goldstein H, Lawton B. Tagg A.Needle in a haystack: how to identify the sick febrile child. Emerg Med Australas. 2015 Aug;27(4):284-6.

About the authors

  • Tessa Davis is a Consultant in Paediatric Emergency Medicine at the Royal London Hospital and a Senior Lecturer at Queen Mary University of London.


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