COVID Catch Up Podcast


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There has never been a more urgent need to be aware of the most update information about the coronavirus. At the same time as our recent wellbeing seminar demonstrated there is a balance to how much you can absorb, process and deal with without being overwhelmed yourself.

For a long time, I used to write a weekly blog, entitled “What I learned this week” #WILTW which was a repository of my thoughts and feelings about particularly notable or relevant aspects of my life in the preceding week. It was designed to be as informative, using evidence where possible but being easy to digest and written for the layperson where appropriate. In order to aid those not sure where to start with finding information about COVID I thought I would restart a COVID centric version of #WILTW via a podcast. It will be short (less than 10 minutes) and provide an entry point into other information sources that you can access in your own time and at your own pace. Hopefully, the DFTB community will contribute to the podcast by posing questions and queries they would like answering. It will be themed across five domains as below:

  The first podcast explains the domain and the second explores some of the issues that have emerged this week. This includes a discussion on the importance of language when communicating with families about potential delayed presentations and some thoughts on organisational culture inspired by an old tweet from Tim Leeuwenburg.

I hope you enjoy the series and please do actively suggest content, concerns, and queries. It would be great to bring things to life in the podcast. Keep safe.

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About the authors

  • Damian Roland is a Paediatric Emergency Medicine and Honorary Associate Professor. His research interests include scoring systems in emergency and acute care and educational evaluation. Damian also chairs PERUKI (Paediatric Emergency Research United Kingdom and Ireland), which gives him and the team an opportunity to raise awareness of the important of research and evidence based practice at scale. The list of the many things Damian hasn’t done or achieved is far longer but through these he learns and develops new ideas.


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