DFTB19 – One week to go

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This year the conference is being held at the QE2 Conference Centre in Westminster. With the theme being ‘The Journey” we are thinking about not just distance but time as a group of amazing speakers from all around the world get together.

With just one week left to go before our THIRD conference we asked some of the team what they are most looking forward to. Catching up with friends old and new was at the top of everyone’s list. It is that sense of our global paediatric community that brings a DFTB event alive.

Here are some of their other highlights…

“I’m looking forward to the storytelling evening. A great way to get to know a small group of people, in an intimate evening where people can relax and be entertained before the main conference begins.”


Last year we held an intimate social event on the Sunday before the conference proper. Hosted by Mary Freer a group of courageous speakers got to tell us a story – some made us laugh, some made us cry and all made us think. They were unscripted and sans visual aids. It was just a group of friends, sitting down and listening to tales of the human condition. We are doing the same this year if you want to come along.

I’m looking forward to hearing some great talks to improve my practice and re-connecting with a global community of people passionate about delivering excellent paediatric care


I’m excited about four days of great learning, sharing of ideas and inspiration to improve practice. I’m also looking forward to the break times so that I can meet old/new friends and (spoiler alert!) see delegates take part in some fun DFTB research and design projects!


I’m looking forward to the third episode of what I consider to be the best conference I have been to, meeting old friends and making some new friends and actually learning about the care of children. And as a speaker coach I shall have that anxious excitement as colleagues deliver some amazing presentations that I have seen them develop over the last few months.


Ross and Grace have once again acted as speaker coaches, helping our experts give the best talks of their lives. By challenging old dogma they aim to help provide the best educational experience possible.

It is difficult to find a balance between being up-to-date on the evidence underpinning your clinical practice as well as being aware of the impact clinical practice has on your colleagues and you. The DFTB conference series negotiates this tension brilliantly and I’m excited to see how it allows delegate’s to explore the latest research and expert guidance ensuring that both science and story are given equal weight


I’m looking forward to getting to know dozens of people in real life whom up till now I’ve known only as a Twitter handle


If you can’t make it then you can still sign on to livestream the event. It will be there online for you to watch it for three days after in case you are at work or asleep.

Stabbings in adolescents

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It’s a regular day in your Paeds ED. You’ve just pulled a piece of lego out of a child left nostril; there are two wheezy kids waiting for review to see if they can stretch to two hours; and there is a 2 month old with a rash that you’re currently seeing  – everyone is waiting for you to come up with a clever diagnosis. As you stare at the spots and wait for some inspiration, you hear one of your nursing colleagues call…

Stabbings in kids – when and where?

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You cannot have missed the UK media stories about the increase in stabbings in young people; and the data from hospitals in London supports this. This week saw the publication of an article in BMJ Open sharing data from stabbing presentations to a major trauma centre in London.

Want to come to DFTB19?

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After two years in Australia it is time for the Don’t Forget the Bubbles team to take a journey. Whilst it might be just an underground away for some it is a bit further for some of us. With over 70 pitches from speakers from around the world we have taken our time to curate an amazing program for you all.

You can now head over to www.dftb19.com and take a look!

We are also excited to announce some new workshops.

Join Mary Freer as she brings her Compassion Revolution to England, or sit in with Ross Fisher and Grace Leo and get better at presenting. Or, if they don’t take your fancy then why not join Ian Summers and friends and learn how to take your sim and debriefing to the next level.

Tickets for all of the workshops and the conference itself are now available at www.dftb19.com

If you can’t make it, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. All the talks will be recorded and put out as podcasts after the event.