The fabulous people at BestBets have a giant body of work on evidence review.

Here are summaries of the questions they’ve looked at and links to their posts.

BestBets Neurology reviews

QuestionNo. of papers consideredBottom LineYearLink
In a child in status epilepticus, is lorazepam better than diazepam at safely terminating the seizure?2Lorzaepam and diazepam are equally effective for controlling seizures in children.2006BestBets Link
In a child who is stilling fitting after 2 doses of benzodiazepines, is phenytoin or paraldehyde more effective in controlling seizure activity?0No research in this area.2003BestBets Link
In children with a minor head injury, does absence of a skull fracture predict absence of intracranial injury (ICI)?7Absence of skull fracture does not predict absence of ICI seen on CT. CT is the preferred imaging to exclude ICI.2001BestBets Link
In a child with head injury, does vomiting predict intracranial injury?12Vomiting is not an independent risk factor for skull fracture or IC haematoma in the paediatric population.2002BestBets Link