An Emergency Physician with a special interest in education and lifelong learning. When not drinking coffee and reading Batman comics he is playing with his children.

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Personal Learning Networks

What sort of health practitioner do you want to be? Nobody wants to be average, as Simon Carley tells us, so how do we go about growing? Professor C. offered us lots of great advice and there will be more to come when the #smaccDUB podcasts get released. This week, I have once again sacrificed…

Whoop, Whoop, Hooray

Henry Goldstein wrote an excellent article on pertussis a few years ago.  With some interesting new data coming to press with regard to risk factors for complications of the disease we thought it might be worthwhile doing some spaced repetition. “My childhood was full of deep sorrow – colic, whooping cough, dread of ghosts, hell,…

Passing the TORCH

6 year old Ella has been sent home from school as she has been itching all day.  When her mum, Val, picked her up she noticed a few spots and thought she better get them checked out.  You see the classical rash of chickenpox and reassure of the relatively benign nature of the illness and…

DFTB in Dublin – A reflection


I have a confession to make. I hate people.  I hate lots of people. Not in the obscenity-spitting, swilling distilled hatred from a brown bag sort of way but in a way that is just as disruptive to my life. You see, I am an introvert. There, I have stood up from my chair at…

DFTB in Dublin – the Final Day

By means of performance enhancing substances (caffeine) we made it to the final sessions of #SMACCdub – voices somewhat subdued by trying to converse at the gala dinner, held in the historical Guinness Storehouse. The pains of struggling bandwidth were ameliorated  by a drop in attendance. An all female panel took to the stage for the first plenary…