The program for DFTB17 is live!


The DFTB team have been working very hard, along with the rest of the organising committee, to put together a great program for DFTB17. And now you can see it for yourself.


View the DFTB17 Program


DFTB17 is a brand new acute paediatric conference. It will cover cutting-edge research and insight into paediatric care.

It is aimed at:

  • General paediatricians
  • Paediatric emergency physicians
  • Emergency physicians
  • GPs
  • Paediatric trainees
  • Emergency trainees
  • Paediatric nursing staff

Our shiny new program can be see here.

The program covers the broad spectrum of acute paediatrics with sessions covering: infectious diseases; simulation; advice for the new consultant; retrieval; radiology; surgery. We will have a session run by the team, and also the PREDICT team will be presenting their latest research.

These sessions are all complemented by some awesome and inspirational keynotes to get you enthused about making a difference in paediatrics. We are really excited to have achieved gender balance in the conference, and we hope this will encourage other medical conferences to do the same.

Registration opens on 28th November and spaces are limited this year, so don’t miss out.

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Tessa Davis is a paediatric emergency registrar from Glasgow and Sydney, but currently living in London. Tessa tries to spend time with her 3 kids in between shifts. @tessardavis | + Tessa Davis | Tessa's DFTB posts

8 Responses to "The program for DFTB17 is live!"

  1. Mel
    Mel 10 months ago .Reply

    Kinda disappointed you aren’t also targeting metro GPs….

    • Tessa Davis
      Tessa Davis 10 months ago .Reply

      Thanks for the feedback Mel. We are always happy to discuss specific learning needs. Please email us –

      • Mel
        Mel 10 months ago .Reply

        The program looks awesome… and completely relevant to metro GPs! Just surprised that you list rural GPs as a group you aimed at and not GPs in general. So much good stuff to learn!

  2. Ben Lawton
    Ben Lawton 10 months ago .Reply

    Oops! our mistake, now fixed, thanks for pointing that out, we’d love to see you wherever you work! Look forward to seeing you in August

  3. Anna Lithgow
    Anna Lithgow 6 months ago .Reply

    Hello! Is there a research component to the conference? Open for abstracts/ posters etc? Cheers, Anna

    • Andrew Tagg
      Andrew Tagg 6 months ago .Reply

      Hi Anna,

      Thanks for your interest in our inaugural conference. As it is our first year it has been a challenge to decide what to include and what to leave out.

      This year we have decided to make life a little easier for ourselves by not including posters or oral abstracts but if there is a lot of interest we will be sure to take it into account when planning for 2018.

  4. Nicole Pearson
    Nicole Pearson 6 months ago .Reply

    So disappointed that there were only 80 spaces available for nurses/allied health/students. Already sold out. Do you think you may be able to release more of these registrations if you don’t get the full quota of “full registration” sold?

    • Tessa Davis
      Tessa Davis 6 months ago .Reply

      Nicole, thanks for the comment. There is no limit on the number of nursing/allied health/trainee places. To help out that group, we were able to offer a limited number of discounted tickets. Sadly, these have all now been snapped up.

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