The Road… Not Taken

Every now and then there is a presentation or talk that you have to give, that you have been waiting a long time to do. This is one of mine that has been floating around in my head for sometime looking for the right occasion. DFTB17 was the right occasion.

Adolescent Inpatient Psychiatry

I’ve been lucky enough to be one of the few paediatric registrars allocated to an Adolescent Inpatient Mental Health ward for a 6 month rotation. Although I’d worked in (adult) Psych wards before, I had few well formed ideas about psychiatric theory or practice past how to “do a takedown”. In Shem’s House of God,…

Postnatal depression

Six week old Sasha has been brought to your emergency department because she won’t stop crying.  As the nurses handover her chart they roll their eyes,  “This is the third time her Mum has brought her in.  There’s nothing wrong with the baby. Why don’t you see her quickly and get rid of them?”  …

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