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As it gets closer to our inaugural Don’t Forget The Bubbles conference in Brisbane later this year we thought it about time we showcased some of the amazing and inspiring speakers we have lined up for you.  Coming from a wide range of backgrounds and life experiences we hope that they will help us all become better at looking after unwell children and better at looking after each other.

Tim Horeczko is a  part of the DFTB conference organising team and a keynote speaker. He is also the creator of the PEM Playbook, a popular FOAMed resource. Tim works as an ED Consultant and Associate Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. In this post he shares some interesting stories about himself!

1) What does FOAMed and more specifically DFTB mean to you?

#FOAMed is the freedom to explore, to question, and to learn from a community of passionate educators; it is also the responsibility to be accountable to each other, and more importantly, to our patients who depend on us. #DFTB17 is #FOAMed personified — I am so excited to work and learn with world-class dedicated educators and vision-leaders.

2) Tell us about a “career defining” moment that you can recall?

Who we are as clinicians is the accumulation of every interaction, success, and failure; all of the little — and big — moments together shape who we are to our patients and colleagues. I don’t really have a lot of “aha” moments, but a lot of “hmm” moments. Instead of cataloguing catastrophes, I try to find ways to make small course corrections or recalibrations whenever I muster up the presence of mind to do it. It can be difficult in the demanding, dizzying world of emergency medicine, but we owe it to ourselves and our patients to continue to grow. I’m slowly getting better at it.

3) Who inspires you in your clinical practice and why? 

Dr Marianne Gausche-Hill, the first emergency physician to obtain subspecialty training in pediatric emergency medicine, is my mentor, and really, much more than that. I would take a bullet for her, I am so grateful for all that she has taught me and for her belief in me. She has decades of hard-won experience but bears witness to them with humility, grace, and just the sheer joy of doing the work she loves. I could go on and on about how I have learned to be a more careful and caring doctor under her tutelage, but we’ll save that for the conference!

4) What is a little known fact about you?

I am an aspiring sailor. I am currently a terrible sailor. You have to start somewhere.

5) Anything you’d like to tease us about your talk/topic?

Medicine is not an island entire of itself; Medicine is strongest when it is a part of every day life, and every day life is a part of it.

You can find Tim on here on twitter or read some of Tim’s great advice for trainees crossing between Paeds/ED in his DFTB Sweet Spot Interviews.

To find out when Tim is speaking check out the programme for DFTB17 here.

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Grace is an SRMO at Sydney Children's Hospital. She loves innovative medical education and paediatrics. She is on the organising committee for the DFTB17 and SMACC conference. Grace is a former internal director of the AMSJ. She enjoys board games, cooking and cheesy jokes.