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Over the last year I have been working with the Victorian Paediatric Clinical Network on a project to encourage healthcare providers to use recognised clinical practice guidelines.

By looking at adult and paediatric guidelines for a number of high risk clinical conditions such as anaphylaxis, status epilepticus and severe life threatening asthma we’ve been trying to identify some key knowledge gaps. Whilst children present to every emergency department across the state, familiarity with managing these conditions varies. Clinicians may fall back on their previous experience of dealing with the adult variant of a condition rather than use standardized operating procedures of clinical practice guidelines and this way trouble lies.

Safer Care Victoria have started a new campaign to encourage the use of the statewide clinical guidelines for even the smallest Victorians.




I’ve written about some of the barriers to implementation guidelines here, with respect to the Canadian experience of managing bronchiolitis. I’ve also spoken about how guidelines can help cut the knowledge translation window without resorting to a cookbook medicine approach.


*Safer Care Victoria, in an effort to promote excellent paediatric care, are sponsors of #DFTB17

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