DFTB17 – T minus 1


Tessa, Henry, Ben and I came together online back in 2013. We’ve achieved more than we ever thought we could – we’ve been editors of the EMA and published 10 papers. We’ve curated over 500 blogs posts from over 50 authors and now we are running our first conference. Today, Sunday, is a pinnacle moment. It marks the first time we have all sat in the same room together.The wonderful thing about the internet is how it allows the creation of rich personal learning networks, unfettered by place or time. The four of us have been beavering away in different cities and different hemispheres for four years but have still been able to come up with something we are very proud of.

From L to R: Ben, Henry, Tessa and Andy


Tomorrow marks the culmination of everything we have been working for. Don’t Forget The Bubbles has always been a collaborative effort and the conference really personifies that. We have hand picked some truly wonderful speakers – speakers that we admire, speakers that make us think, and speakers that we can call friends. Having spent the best part of  a year working on this project we still don’t know how it will turn out until it is over.  We have learned a lot of lessons in setting up our first conference, things we might do different next time, and we are always thinking of ways to be better next time.

And there will be a next time. We have spreadsheets and Slack channels set up for #DFTB18 already and hope to announce the dates in a few short days.  We know you want workshops, and so you’ll have them. We know you want more opportunities for nursing staff – you’ll get them. And we know you want a great line up of awesome speakers – and you’ll get that too.


We’re going to give you the opportunity to win FREE registration to #DFTB18 but first we need you to do something for us. The whole premise of FOAM is that information, from papers, teaching sessions or conferences, should not be restricted to only those that can attend in person. We want you to create a sketchnote, infographic, haiku or interpretive dance based on this years talks.  Share it out on the socials – on Twitter, on FaceBook, LinkedIn or even on Reddit.  Tag your effort with #DFTBcomp and we will find it. The one with the biggest reach, the most thumbs up, the most love emoji’s will get guaranteed FREE registration to next years conference (and probably a few other perks too).

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