Change Day Australia – 6th March


With only one day until Change Day, the team at Don’t Forget the Bubbles encourages all our readers to make a pledge at Check out our pledges…

Change Day aims to encourage people to make a change, however small, to improve healthcare. We all work in healthcare, and we can easily identify what aspects would benefit from change. Now is the chance to be part of a movement where people on the front line can do something positive, together.

Over the last six months, Australia has launched Change Day and watched it grow, following the lead of the very successful NHS Change Day in the UK last year. A small group of people, headed by the fabulous Mary Freer set about getting people motivated to work together to make changes.

Change Day is about those of us on the front line, making the changes that matter.

So what should you do to support it?

  1. Go to and make your pledge
  2. Tell other people about your pledge at work to encourage them to pledge too
  3. Tweet about it, facebook it and share it

Here are the pledges from the DFTB team:

Tessa Davis

I pledge to ask my colleagues ‘are you ok?’ and take time to listen to the answer.

We experience a lot of highly stressful situations while working in hospital medicine. And the recent Beyond Blue survey shows that doctors experience high rates of mental health problems. In my 10 years in medicine, I have never been asked by my senior colleagues ‘are you ok’? It seems silly, but that’s the reality. So, I’m going to start by doing it myself.

Henry Goldstein

I pledge to make work a happier place; to rock up with a smile on my face, a lightness in my step and a sense of goodwill, every shift.

… hopefully can aim for same in others 🙂

Ben Lawton

I pledge to use every tool at my disposal to minimise any distress caused to my paediatric patients by their ED visit and to share those tools widely with my colleagues.

Andrew Tagg

I pledge to remind colleagues (and myself) that every patient had a story to tell about their life and they are a person first and not a disease.

More relevant for those of us practicing in adult EDs but I want to help do away with the prejudice around mental health, old age and homelessness.

There have been over 9000 pledges so far and the numbers are growing rapidly. Be a part of something special and make your pledge…



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Tessa Davis is a paediatric emergency registrar from Glasgow and Sydney, but currently living in London. Tessa tries to spend time with her 3 kids in between shifts. @tessardavis | + Tessa Davis | Tessa's DFTB posts